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The "Living History Heritage" Project

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The "Living History Heritage" Project” currently is a “live” touring educational enrichment dramatic work that involves 3-4 historical reenactments.

It is a total 3-4 hour “journey” back in time, to the African and American historical past of the late 1750-1860’s that is brought “full circle” to our contemporary time period. “The "Living History Heritage" Project is the resurrection of four untold stories.

From the pages of the past comes forth a “Legacy of Forgotten Roots”. A truly unique chapter in early American history…….

The word “JOURNEY” means: “The act of traveling from one place to another.” Come join us on a “journey” back through time and space. This is a “journey” that you will never forget…..

Mission Statement

Our mission is to educate youth and families by presenting "lost and forgotten roots" historical performance dramatizations that instill positive self esteem, appreciation of others, improving inter-racial tolerance.

The "Living History Heritage" Project

Dramatic educational presentations of "living history" and "heritage"...the "heritage" of American History, African American History, African History, Islamic History, African American Muslims, African Americans and Americans.

The “Living History Heritage” Project is a dynamic Theatre group currently performing one-man renditions of 4 great historical African and African American historical legends “YERO Mahmoud: Forgotten Roots”, “Abdul Rahman Ibrahima-The Prince Among Slaves”, “Muhammad Ali ibn Sayyid-#292 United States Colored Troops” and “The Life & Times of Omar ibn Sayyid”.

The “Living History Heritage” Project includes a traveling museum exhibition “Timbuktu African Artifacts Museum” with unique one-of-a-kind antique museum quality artifacts relevant to the appropriate historical period.

The “Living History Heritage” Project is an academic edu-tainment effort dedicated to promoting the study of African and African American history with all its complexities, as shaped by ancient and contemporary experiences.

The “Living History Heritage” Project through community outreach, presents creative programming to the general public. Part of our focus is to engage primarily students, on all levels, by connecting newly discovered historical documentation from an unexposed past and giving it life and relevance to the present.

The “Living History Heritage” Project is committed to depicting theatrical renditions of historical events, from the African continent to the plight of Africans and their settlement in America, as well as the accomplishments of their descendants,

Omar ibnSayyid

Abdul Rahman Ibrahim

-Prince Among Slaves-

Timbuktu & Artifacts Exhibit

Yero Mahmod

Muhammad Ali ibn Sayyid

African Slaves

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The Living History Heritage Project

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