“What a great job … Everybody had great things to say and you brought a great vibe into the studio.”

Bridget Siebert, The Friday Zone, WTIU / PBS

Your storytelling & first-person interpretations have been well-received from students and teachers. What you do is invaluable to education in Indianapolis Public Schools.

Pat Payne, Director, IPS Multi-Cultural Education. Dept

Khabir, you received many accolades from our teachers again this year. Not only are the students enlightened, but teachers say they learn something new each time you present.

Jim Willard, Programs & Community Outreach, Conner Prairie Interactive History Museum

The students learned a lot and were interested in the program; as an educator, I also gained new knowledge from participating in this program.

Maggie Molledo, Brevard Public Schools

Khabir Shareefs’ interpretations of historical characters has always been a favorite at Cosmopolitian Middle & High Schools. Khabir’s interactive presentations keep the student’s attention & they are further enlightened as a result of his presentations.

Clete Ladd. Principle, Indianapolis Metro Schools

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“Abdur Rahman Ibrahim - Prince among Slaves

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